Welcome to the MSA British Car Trial Championship

Car Trials (formerly known as Production Car Trials PCT's) are a low speed, high skill motorsport. Drivers compete over a number of hills, aiming to climb all the courses without stopping or hitting penalty markers, the markers start with a 12 and go down to zero at the top of the course. The overall winner is the driver with the least amount of penalties. Each car is required to carry a passenger (Bouncer), who aids the driver in finding that vital piece of grip to keep the car climbing up the slippery slopes.

There are four classes ranging from 2WD Production Cars registered on or after 1st Jan 1998, these cars are driven to the event and cannot carry ballast, then there are classes for Front Wheel Drive Production Cars, Rear Wheel Drive Production Cars and also for Modified Production and Kit Cars. Each class will have minimum tyre pressures, which helps to even out the advantages or disadvantages between the classes.

The MSA Championship runs from mid February until mid September, it has been run since 1970 and over the last 40 years only 16 drivers have won the British Title.

The most successful of these drivers is Barrie Parker, who has won the title on seven occasions, his first being in 1987 and then he was unbeaten from 1999 to 2004 inclusive, when he won five on the trot and Champion again in 2011. Bill Moffatt and Mike Stephens share five British Titles each and Steve Courts with four.

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